Who is the oldest among you?
K: The boob
T: Me, by 5 years!

What do you like about your sister?
K: that she’s literally the weirdest person I know + sometimes the weirdness turns into full psychopath + makes me laugh harder than anything else in the world.
T: She’s feisty, creative + so caring. I love her sense of humor, appetite for adventure + fearless expression of her uniqueness.

What do you hate about your sister?
K: she does this thing when we order coffee where she acts like she doesn’t know exactly what she wants and turns to ask me a question when we literally discussed the answer moments before.
T: Hmm … she always gets irritated when I am in her room.

What annoys you most about your sister?
K: when her face/attitude changes because someone is taking a video.
T: She always thinks she is right.

What do your sister and you have in common?
K: our love + appreciation for nature.
T: We’re both creative, like to be alone + live a pretty natural lifestyle.

What’s your funniest memory together?
K: honestly, too many to choose from. At the moment, it’s all the adventure videos we made on our road trip pretending to be survivalists.
T: She stole my answer. ^^ People are still talking about those videos though. They were over-the-top hilarious .. pretending to be poisoned by berries or sucked up by a tornado and landing in a field of dandelions … all with terribly confusing Aussie / Brit accents.

What do you (sisters) do for fun?
K: pomegranate happy hour with guac or raw tacos + juice.
T: Go out for coffee/juice or a bite to eat together, go on road trips, make silly dance videos, do absolutely nothing at all.

Describe your sister in just three words.
K: Vibrant. Creative. Beautiful.
T: Can I use 4? Epitome of an Aires.

Who’s room is a mess?
K: technically, I don’t have a room to judge this right now but I’m going to say Tay.
T: Hers.

What’s your sister’s favorite game to play?
K: any board game ever invented
T: Sorry.

What is your sister’s favorite food/drink?
K: guac + tortilla chips ~ tea or kombucha
T: Food: Brussel sprouts.  |  Drink: coconut milk latte or water

What does your sister think about the most?
K: flowers + greys anatomy
T: Traveling the world.

Who reads more?
K: me.
T: Her.

What is the thing you’d love to do together?
K: Tay talked about opening a coffee shop of some sort when we are older + I said no but maybe yes now.
T: Travel more together. {And – OMG, her answer is amazing.}

Who is the most talented?
K: both equally talented in different ways #momanswer
T: both equally talented in different ways #momanswer

What is your sister really bad at?
K: being normal.
T: Horseshoes.

What is your sister really good at?
K: doing her thang when she’s at work and creating some seriously amazing things.
T: Drawing, painting, photography, speaking her  mind.

Who love cooking and makes delicious items?
K: sadly, neither.
T: She’s probably best. But I’ve actually be stepping up my game lately ~ I think she would be impressed.

Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
K: Tay.
T: We are both pretty easy going with getting ready … I knew she was going to say me though.

Who likes heels or flats?
K: we both prefer flats I believe.
T: We both normally wear flats, but will wear heels when there is an occasion for it.

Are you both close?
K: nope. Not at all. Hate her.
T: So close it weirds people out.

Who’s hot? 😉
K: do you even have to ask?

One thing you can do which your sister can’t?
K: draw (even though I think she actually can and just won’t admit it)
T: Dance like no one is watching.

What’s a weird habit of your sister?
K: she puts her finger in her sock when she’s sitting at work.
T: She’s kind of OCD ~ like one time I added a dime into her meter when we were parking and she freaked out because the time didn’t come out to a # divisible by 5.

What was your biggest fight?
K: she hit me in the head with a phone when I was younger and almost gave me a concussion (GUARANTEED ME WRITING THIS WILL CAUSE A FIGHT)
T: Omg ^ I KNEW she was going to use that one. It was an accident …

Describe the last thing you did with your sister.
K: went on the most amazing two week road trip + had the time of our lives.
T: Went on an epic 2 week road trip … exploring Arizona, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon + California.

Complete this statement: “My sister is…”
K: my partner in crime 4 eva + always.

T: my best friend.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor + Kylee.


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