I’ve been doing this *intention setting* practice over the last month, without really even knowing it.

It dawned on me the other day that the only jewelry I wear regularly are pieces with special gemstones or crystals.

I have two necklaces that rotate wearing: one with a raw aquamarine pendant, the other with raw black tourmaline … both hang on thin gold chains I inherited from my nana.

On my wrists, I trade off wearing bracelets decorated with Jade, Amethyst + Rhodonite.

Since I can’t sleep with jewelry on (it’s a pet peeve of mine to have anything other than blankets on me), each morning when I’m getting ready, I’m faced with a decision to make: which super-powered gems or minerals do I want to wear today? This simple choice goes past which matches my outfit best, since the earthy jewel tones effortlessly go with whatever I wear. Deep down, I’m asking myself…

“What will I need more of today?”

Inner harmony?

Protection from external energies?


Meditative mind?


My combination always seems to be a little bit different, and it wasn’t until just the other day that I realized why that is.

No matter your personal taste on accessories (modern, boho, minimalist, gold/silver/rose gold), crystals + gemstones accent any style and add a beautiful earthly flavor to what you currently wear ~ and I totally recommend the gem-powered protection + support!

What gemstones or crystals should you start with? 

Every person needs their own special flavor of gem magic ~ so there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing which minerals or crystals should be in your collection. The best advice I can give ~ trust your intuition. Go to a crystal shop and make a wish that the stones you need most will shimmer just a little more than the rest, or magnetize you in their direction. They will show you what you need. Don’t think too hard ~ in fact, try not to think at all! Just breath and feel out which ones are pulling at your heart strings, saying “Pick me! I’m the one you’ve been waiting for.”

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Tay.


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