1. Places I’ve called home: Bend, OR, Seattle, WA, Cle Elum, WA, Honolulu, HI
  2. Current city: Phoenix, AZ
  3. Certifications/Degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts – Intermedia
  4. Current title: Beauty Revealer at LOTUSWEI
  5. Zodiac sign: Pisces
  6. At the coffee shop, I’ll take: Diiirty Chai with almond milk
  7. Favorite food: Pho accompanied with Thai iced tea
  8. Ice cream/froyo flavor: Cookie dough
  9. 3 purse essentials: Lip balm, charger + chocolate
  10. Current song on repeat: Bella Donna x Stevie Nicks
  11. One book I will reread till I die: The Celestine Prophecy
  12. Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Dive into the sky
  13. Dream travel destination: Iceland (see this video for reasoning)
  14. Do you believe in extraterrestrials? Definitely
  15. My color: Turquoise
  16. Favorite piece of jewelry: Turquoise rings
  17. Favorite iPhone app: Instagram + A Color Story
  18. One bedtime ritual: Get naked.
  19. If I were an animal, I’d be a: Dolphin
  20. Favorite gemstone: Aquamarine
  21. My best feature: Good listener.
  22. I have an unreasonable collection of: Rocks
  23. Favorite pattern: Anything with botanicals or foliage
  24. I love the word: Vagabond + frugal.
  25. In my journal you will find: Random quotes + sayings
  26. I have a strange affinity for: Catching a glimpse of people inside their homes
  27. Favorite childhood movie: Oliver & Company
  28. Theme song to my life: Plane Temp x Glasser
  29. I often daydream about: Being a dancer in music videos
  30. Favorite local maker: Moonage Metals
  31. Style of home decor: Boho
  32. My season is: Spring
  33. Favorite childhood memory: Building witch forts in the woods
  34. I have a fear of: The dark
  35. Favorite time of the day: When ‘getting ready’ is over with
  36. Worst habit: Not doing laundry
  37. Holiday treat: My moms fudge
  38. Favorite beauty brand: LOTUSWEI
  39. Parents favorite saying: Chin up, buttercup
  40. I can’t live without: Creativity
  41. 3 things I would take to a deserted island: Knife, flint + polaroid w/ film
  42. Favorite drink: tea, any kind really
  43. Least favorite chore: Taking the trash out – total boy duty
  44. I avoid the dish if it has: Blue cheese, ew
  45. What makes you laugh? My sister’s Instagram captions
  46. Name of your first pet: Oliver (yes, named after fav childhood movie ^)
  47. Favorite board game: Nasty Things
  48. Favorite flower: Morning Glory
  49. The best holiday: Christmas
  50. Time period you should have been born in: 80’s
  51. Top 5 favorite movies: Safety Not Guaranteed, About Time, Hocus Pocus, Little Miss Sunshine, Interstellar
  52. Favorite television shows: Game of Thrones, New Girl, It’s Always Sunny, The Legend of Mick Dodge