1. Places I’ve called home: Savannah, Dahlonega, + Dalton, GA, Tacoma, WA, Honolulu, HI, Los Angeles, CA, Elizabethtown, KY
  2. Current city: Elizabethtown, KY
  3. Certifications/Degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Screenwriting
  4. Current title: Writer
  5. Zodiac sign: Virgo
  6. At the coffee shop, I’ll take: Coffee with cream, no sugar
  7. Favorite food: Chocolate or Kale (Depends on my mood)
  8. Ice cream/froyo flavor: Mint Cookies & Cream
  9. 3 purse essentials: Headphones, Kindle, + Lip Gloss
  10. Current song on repeat: Because The Night x Patti Smith
  11. One book I will reread till I die: The Virgin Suicides
  12. Craziest thing I’ve ever done: Jumping off rickety train trestles into a small creek, skydiving, jumping off cliffs on Big Island (basically, any time I’ve jumped from a significant height). It genuinely terrifies me every time, but that adrenaline is rare + so liberating to just push through it + jump.
  13. Dream travel destination: English Countryside
  14. Do you believe in extraterrestrials? It’s a big universe. I hope there are Coneheads somewhere out there…
  15. My color: Aquamarine
  16. Favorite piece of jewelry: I don’t wear jewelry that often, but I love Druzy stone pieces.
  17. Favorite iPhone app: Pinterest (typical)
  18. One bedtime ritual: Saying the same prayer I’ve said since I was a little girl: “Now I lay me down to sleep…”
  19. If I were an animal, I’d be an: Owl. The ability to fly and turn my head in a complete circle? Win!
  20. Favorite gemstone: Emerald
  21. My best feature: My spontaneity
  22. I have an unreasonable collection of: CD’s
  23. Favorite pattern: Plaid
  24. I love the word: Philanthropy
  25. In my journal you will find: A lot of song lyrics + passionate expressions of good and bad days.
  26. I have a strange affinity for: Tragic artists
  27. Favorite childhood movie: Hook
  28. Theme song to my life: Free Bird x Lynyrd Skynrd
  29. I often daydream about: Living in a Thomas Kinkade painting
  30. Favorite local maker: Kentucky Kombucha
  31. Style of home decor: Somewhere in between eclectic farmhouse + gothic
  32. My season is: Fall
  33. Favorite childhood memory: Christmas, playing in cardboard boxes, family reunions
  34. I have a fear of: Office jobs
  35. Favorite time of the day: Morning. Coffee + that spurt of fresh energy + clear mind for a new day.
  36. Worst habit: Extensive research for leisure. Yes, it is a bad habit when it consumes your day.
  37. Holiday treat: Pancakes at my Nana + Papa’s.
  38. Favorite beauty brand: NARS.
  39. Parents favorite saying: “You’ll like them feet once you learn how to use them.”
  40. I can’t live without: Music.
  41. 3 things I would take to a deserted island: iPod (solar power charger), Kindle, andddd my dog (he’s not a thing, but I’d bring him).
  42. Favorite drink: Water, Coffee, or Ginger Beer
  43. Least favorite chore: Dishes
  44. I avoid the dish if it has: Fried Chicken or Salsa (Acid Reflux sucks)
  45. What happened the last time you almost peed yourself laughing? Watching home videos from my childhood. My family is so colorful + animated. Also, it’s so interesting to watch yourself as a child — so innocent, fresh, + completely living in the moment.
  46. Name of your first pet: Zeus
  47. Favorite board game: Clue
  48. Favorite flower: Dahlia
  49. The best holiday: Christmas
  50. What time period should you have been born in: The 70’s, man!
  51. Top 5 favorite movies: Dazed & Confused, The Virgin Suicides, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Almost Famous, & Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  52. Favorite television show: Malcolm In The Middle, Weeds + That 70’s Show