teal sky with palm tree

This past weekend, Gar (my bf) and I spent a few hours joy-filled hours at our pool. What happened there took us both by surprise.

It started with lounging on the sun chairs, reading our own thing – in our own little worlds. When it got too hot, we would quickly dip into the pool, then come back, dip, come back. There was quite a few people in the pool (since it is really the only thing that is humanly possible to do outside in Phoenix in the summer time) … so to avoid getting hit with diving rings or children flying through the air + into the water, we settled with this seemingly boring routine.

pool with pretty tile

But once the pool cleared, and there was only a dad + his 2 little girls doing their own thing left, our level fun was craaaaanked up.

I am amazed at what we did without even trying

  • We challenged each other to handstand contests to see how many seconds we could hold it without falling.
  • When one of us was under water, the other would hit the surface of the water to make it sound like bombs were going off right next to you – like his dad used to do.
  • I got on his shoulders while he ran the length of the pool with me on top – he got a full body work out + I felt like I was a weightless 7 year old.
  • And seriously so many other things that I can’t even think of how to explain #hadtobethere

After the random rush of child-like fun wore us both out, we started laughing hysterically at how silly everything we had just done was. I said, “Wow, I am sure that dad is wondering how old we are right about now …” And Gar’s response:

“Fun has no age limit.”

Yes. Yes. Yes.

This is obvious, yes. But then I started thinking of what other things like this we just don’t do anymore because we’ve gotten older. Hula hooping, building forts out of chairs + blankets, cart-wheels, somersaults, hide + seek, building a card house, board games, blowing bubbles, decorating the side walk with chalk …

hand in pool

So! My question for you:

If you were to talk to your 7 year old self and ask him/her what they want to do in this very moment, what would he/she say?

Share your answers below ~ may we inspire each other to HAVE MORE FUN!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Tay.


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