Oil cleansing is a skin care routine sent down from the gods… let me tell you why.

As I said in my previous post, birth control completely obliterated my skin, leaving me searching for a natural way to get my face back to normal. I stumbled upon oil cleansing while googling solutions for my seemingly life ending issue (first world probs, I know). There were two things that initially put me off;

  1. Putting oil on your face sounds like it would be more harmful than helpful.
  2. Oils are normally quite expensive.

Turns out, putting oil on your face is actually one of the best things to do! Traditional cleansers tend to dry out your skin due to the crazy amount of chemical additives. Dry skin leads to excessive amounts of natural oils being produced! So, the cleansers that claim to prevent oily skin MAKE YOUR SKIN MORE OILY. So rude. (p.s. putting on moisturizer helps the surface of your skin, not all of the deep layers)

In terms of price, I was already dropping $50-$70 every few months on “natural” cleanser, moisturizer, toner + spot treatment. Getting a bottle of all the individual oils I needed was around that same price range, but they last SO MUCH LONGER.

So, I took the plunge. I researched all of the possible oils + methods then decided to buy what I thought would work best for me! Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re researching:

  • The oils MUST be cold-pressed, organic + hexane free!
  • Different oils heal different aspects of your skin~ what are you trying to help?
  • You’ll be mixing at least 3 oils, so a small bottle will last longer than you think!

To begin, you figure out your base oils. I chose to go with castor + jojoba oil. Castor oil is super thick + acts as a drying agent, which is why it must be mixed with a nourishing oil such as jojoba. You’ll have to mess with the ratios to match your skin type. This will take a lot of experimenting! I do 30% castor + 50% jojoba! This works for me since my skin tends to be on the drier side.

The other 20% is left for special healing oils! I switch between tamanu, seabuckthorn + rosehip seed oil. All of these are great for healing scars, reducing redness + maintaining youthful skin. There are a ton more options out there! So, research + experimentation will be your best friend.

To oil cleanse, you dampen your face with warm water. Put some of you magical mixture in the palm of your hand + gently massage the oil into your face (moving your fingers upward to prevent wrinkles + promote better blood flower). After two minutes of this, run a washrag under some warm water, wring it out and lay it on top of your face for about 15-20 seconds. Slowly wipe the oil off of your face with the same rag + BAM ~ you’ve cleansed your soul. 

I started by doing this once in the morning + once at night, followed by toner (rose water) + moisturizer (homemade mix of jojoba, tamanu oil + lavender oil). Now that my skin has cleared up a bit, I only do it at night to remove the makeup caked on my face from the day. In the morning, I simply mist my face with rose water + moisturize!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Kylee.


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