It started with a dream.

Two nights in a row, I had a dream that I was reunited with my best buddies in the world. The first one was a reminder of how thankful I am for them. The second one, I took as a sign from the universe to make it happen. An hour after telling them my dream, we had picked out a weekend for me to fly up + see all of my loves ~ TOGETHER.

Friendships are key in life. Truly. Not the fake ones that you only exchange small talk with, but the friends that have been stuck with you through your awkward-boy-no-sense-of-fashion phase. Don’t get me wrong, my closest of close friends didn’t even witness that stage, but the ones that did are something real special in my life.

I lucked out with three really amazing, funny, beautiful + awkward friends. They’re the ones I only see MAYBE once a year. The ones that send me photos of themselves everyday in our snapchat group just so I can see their face. The ones I physically separated from 6 years ago but never really left the tight knit little group we had. The ones that make up the squad that ends Taylor Swift’s Squad. The ones that haven’t left my side since preschool.

Together, we make up all the elements. We do well on our own, but together, we thrive. As fire, water, air + earth ~ we’re unstoppable. I’m happiest when we’re together + the distance between us makes reuniting 1000x more special. I simply don’t know life without them + can’t imagine a day without their friendship.

So, to my little squad, thank you for giving me friendships to be so grateful for. Thanks for continuing to make me laugh everyday. Thanks for all the adventures we have been on + for all the ones we will go on. Thanks for supporting me in all my wild dreams without ever doubting that I can accomplish them.

You’re the real MVP’s.

Love you buddies. Miss you always.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Kylee.


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