Meet my friend Justin Booher.

5 years ago, we were both on the hunt for a new roommate. At the time, we were working in the same restaurant together – I was a server and he was a cook in the kitchen. We didn’t know each other very well – actually, we knew nothing about one another! But somehow, through minimal conversation, we found out that the other was in search of a new roommate + a new place to live! A few weeks later, we were under the same roof. We ended up living together for a few fabulous years!

Justin was the best roommate ~ and an equally awesome food + drink artist.

One time he made me a quail egg shooter – with garlic, soy sauce, Sriracha + apple cider vinegar, etc. When he told me what was in it, I got lightheaded even just thinking about putting that stuff in my body – all at once. But … It. Was. Awesome!

His special gift is coming up with the craziest combinations of things that you would never [ever] think to put together … which brings me to his newest {and greatest} passion project yet …


{check out the Instagram page here!}

With the help of a few friends + his adorable girlfriend Janelle, Justin brings together a group of 20-30 friends on Thursday nights and hosts one-of-a-kind themed dinners ~ with thoughtful recipes, decor + music that all correspond seamlessly to the night’s theme!

The first dinner I attended was PRINCE themed. Prepare to be shocked … but I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of Prince. I mean, it is probably just because he was well before my time, but I have no heartfelt connection with the artist. So I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Despite my complete unawareness of the Prince-culture, I was blown away with the thoughtful craftsmanship of every single element of the dinner …

Each place setting was finished with different iconic pictures of the singer.

Prince was the soundtrack of the evening.

Special dishes were served simultaneously with the songs they were inspired by. For example …

When the song Purple Rain came on, we were served a special cocktail that had a Pop Rock Rim ~ so when you took a drink, it felt like it was RAINING IN YOUR MOUTH. Wtf ~ brilliant!

And when Raspberry Beret started playing, out came big family style plates of a Raspberry / Kale / Beet Salad! So yum!

This past week, the concept for the #carportecafe dinner menu was inspired by “the humor of humans settling in the desert.”

Each dish took on flavors of the Sonoran desert, with foraged herbs + hand-picked berries from the South Mountain trails in Phoenix.

I am so excited to be apart of Justin’s project in its infancy … because I know it is going to take off and take shape into something bigger + better than he ever imagined!

Inspired by this post? Share your love in the comments below + I will pass them Justin’s way! ; )

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


2 responses to “#CARPORTCAFE

  1. Justin and I were roommates my freshman year of college. I do not remember him ever cooking a real meal and now I am insanely jealous that I missed out on his skills. This is such a brilliant concept. You’re killing it, justin!

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