Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World

I am obsessed with this book. Either I paid no attention and still managed to ace all of my high school + college history classes … or these women were not ever mentioned. I’m leaning towards the later. 

The 50 women featured in this book aren’t just famous for being first women supporters or active participants in important studies, experiments, theories, etc. They were FIRSTS ~ fearless pioneers + valiant changemakers.


Women in Science, written + illustrated by Rachel Ignotofsky, is a total eye-opener as to how much women did not receive the proper credit or recognition they deserved all throughout history. These badass babes were experts in their field … expert philosophers, scientists, doctors, physicist, mathematicians, inventors, engineers, chemists … etc.

These lionhearted + audacious visionaries risked their lives, dealt with inequality + discrimination, pinched pennies, overturned misconceptions, daringly faced smear campaigns … you get the picture.

In this book {go to amazon and buy it right now!} you’ll discover that these notable women, though rarely given credit for it:

  • Discovered that the sun is made of hydrogen and helium gas.
  • Created the first computer program.
  • Discovered the workings of nuclear fission.
  • Developed the foundations of feminist psychology ~ stating that women could indeed have psychological issues {whereas before when women were depressed, it was because they suffered from “penis envy” … yes, that was a real thing}.
  • Found that sex is determined by x & y chromosomes.
  • Create the field of abstract algebra.

These amazing women are not household names, but they should be.

This book is for everyone. 

It’s the coffee table book you gift your friends of any age.

It’s the book you read to your kids at bedtime.

It’s the book your high-schoolers should write a paper on.

It’s your reference that reminds you how badass women have been all throughout history + beyond!

• • •

Women in Science Book Talk ::

+ Which biography surprised you the most?

+ If you could go back in time and work beside one of them, who would it be?

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Tay.


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