Hi, Buttercups!  Ker here. Boy, do I have so much to tell you! Honestly, where do I even begin?!  As some of you may know, Fashion Week (S/S17) just recently happened here in New York City.  For most of us in the industry, it’s one of the craziest weeks of the year.  I am proud to say that I work for a company (MAC Cosmetics), which has the largest representation backstage each season!  The Senior Artists’ that represent our company are the ones that collaborate with the designers to create looks that tell a story.  I have been so very lucky to have worked along side some of this major talent (stay tuned for mid March!!).  Not only are these looks EPIC (I die) but they end up becoming the looks you see on the faces all around you!  Some of the popular trends from NYFWS/S17 seasons included major brow focuses, the infamous strobing technique + dark lined lips, to name a few!

The trends you see this season are nothing short of magical.  For starters, color is making a comeback… in a MAJOR way. I’m not just talking about color on the lids + lips.  Blush trends are strong on the radar as well, with a range of styles from the classic, naturally-flushed cheek to the full on, 80s’ inspired, blown-out look.  Gloss is also making its comeback this season (and it’s not where you think).  There are so many trends I am obsessing over + I want to share each + every one of them with you!  Over the next week, I will be going over the top trends on the runway this season + how to make them wearable for the every day buttercup!  Look out for features on metallics, ‘raw’ skin, glitter (forever!), liner + colorful lashes.

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My number one favorite trend this season+ the one I want to discuss first… EYE GLOSS!  That’s right, I said EYE gloss.  If you follow my social media, then you know I love a lived-in makeup look. What better way to achieve this than with glossy + greasy, perfectly imperfect lids!  Depending on your eye shape, the way you apply the gloss may change.  For those of you with a bit more eye ‘real estate’ as I like to call it, feel free to place the gloss in the center of your lid + let it do its thing.  But for those that have slightly less of a crease- or more brow bone than lid space, try applying the gloss on the inner and outer corners of the eye.  The light will still reflect off the natural dimensions of the eye, but it will wear a bit more comfortably!

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Eye gloss is also my go-to product when I am looking for a quick (but on-trend) look.  Simply apply skin, swipe blush on the apples of the cheeks, a little mascara, gloss + go!  Shadows aren’t able to stand up against the strength of an eye gloss, so skip the shadows.  Don’t want to wear the gloss alone?  Prep the lid with a more long-wearing base like a colored lid cream base or waterproof eyeliner.  These will be more resilient + also help you manipulate the tone of the gloss.  Choose a color to compliment the eye color or to simply give a great pop to your look.  I love priming my eyelid with MAC Cosmetics’ Prolongwear Paint Pots.  They come in a range of colors (even some infused with glitter!) and are a great base to any eye gloss pigment + can even be worn alone as a cream shadow!  Whatever products you choose, the most important thing to remember is that makeup is an art.  Your goregous face is your canvas and the world is yours… so have fun!

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We would LOVE to see how you recreate these looks.  Share your photo using the hashtag #PUBBeautyTrends.

 Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Kerri.


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