Every year in Tucson, AZ, thousands of people flock to the desert to treasure hunt for the highest quality crystals, precious stones, geodes, amenites, opals, minerals + fossils at the International Gem + Mineral Show … aka, The World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt. Over the course of 2 weeks, you’ll find exhibitions all over the city of Tucson! One minute you may find yourself wandering through a camp of huge white tents along the side of a random road or entering a hotel building with every room {literally} dedicated to collectors to show, sell, trade and barter off their best pieces!

This is where Kylee and I spent this past weekend … and you bet we are going back while it is still in town! 😛

Not able to contain our excitement for all the sparkly magic we were surrounded with, we took a million photos. Here are a few of our favorites…


The photo above is Moroccan Vanadinite. Over the past few months, I’ve been seeing this crystal online A LOT! And I’ve been SO drawn to it! So as soon as I spotted this glittery amber chunk, my money was already in the dealers hands.



How gorgeous is that teal ^^ ❤







The photo above is of the inside of a huge rock filled with unexpected magic. The outside looks so plain, yet the inside takes you to another world. For scale, you could fit 2 people inside this bed of crystal power.



Planning on making your way to the gem show this year? Here are a few tips for you before you go:

  • BRING CASH! Most collectors do not have a card machine. So be sure to stop by an ATM before treasure hunting.
  • Map out your destinations before you go (because for some reason, they haven’t created a map to make it easy for us). Whether you are into fossils, crystals, or jewelry, there are several shows that you will want to see. Here is the site with the full schedule + addresses of all the locations!
  • Be patient with your purchases. Learn from me: I saw the type of crystal I was searching for, bought it immediately without a second thought, then walked to the next tent and found a version of the same crystal that was more like what I really wanted. There is SO much to choose from. Be patient.
  • Ask your dealer questions. You’ll leave happy knowing more about the history of your precious piece.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Tay + Ky.


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