Okay, 2016 has been a HUGE year of change for me. To recap, last December  I made a huge decision with my boyfriend to relocate from Los Angeles, California to Elizabethtown, Kentucky. So, you might be wondering: Do you regret it? Well, in all honesty…. NO!

I could go on a long-winded rant about the pros + cons, but I’d rather give you a list of events. A list that proved to me, following your heart + taking a leap is worth it.

Recap of 2016:

  • Started David + Drew Photography with my boyfriend, Trevor.
  • Introduced myself to an amazing local photographer.
  • She introduced me to her close friend who is a personal stylist in Louisville .
  • He hired me to assist him throughout all of the Kentucky Derby events. I learned a lot, stayed inspired, + had a blast!
  • Got to attend the Unbridled Eve Derby Gala where I met Mike Mills (legendary bassist of R.E.M.).
  • Also met an incredible man who was in search of a screenwriter to write a pilot for a story that he’d had in mind for 20 years.
  • Trevor + I were hired as a writing team. We completed the pilot. We also learned that we make a great writing team.
  • We were hired to photograph our first wedding. Success!
  • We were hired for family + senior portrait sessions. We loved it!
  • Saved a lot of money + made a lot of great memories by temporarily moving in with my parents.
  • Bought a camper.
  • Got to attend Thanksgiving in Georgia with my family for the first time in 9 years.



Of course it’s easy to miss the abundance of culture + opportunity in LA; however, the irony seems to be that I have not only found, but made far more growth-oriented opportunities for myself ever since I decided to take a leap + leave an environment that was no longer right for me in that time in my life.

I feel more focused, driven, + stronger than ever.

neilyoungvibesHere’s what you’ll be hearing from me in 2017:

  • A complete renovation of a travel trailer (with videos).
  • A journey towards becoming a full-time photographer.
  • How to prepare for life in a camper/tiny home.
  • How to improve overall health by purely changing diet + mental health exercises.
  • How to find positivity + radiate it.
  • How to find opportunities wherever you are.
  • Any inspiring books, thoughts, songs, or life occurrences.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.




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