Tay in Trees4

Looking back on 2016 … wowza. What a flipping adventurous, electric, happy, amazing + magical year! So much happened and not much of it was documented on the blog {since we took a little break} … so I have a lot of stories, insights + adventures to share with you! Distilling it down to my most favorite + important learnings of this year, here’s a braindump of what I was up to in 2016!

• • •

+ 2016 was my year of TRAVEL. It has always been a dream in the back of my mind to travel and take photos. This dream manifested into reality this year through my job as the Beauty Revealer of LOTUSWEI. I went wild flower exploring in some of the most beautiful places in the world. To name a few…

  1. In March I went to F L O R I D A ~ and blissed out at the Naples Botanical Garden. I walked every trail of the garden, took photos of all the exotic + tropical plants, made flower offerings from petals + foliage I found along the paths and fell completely in love with the magic of the garden. If you’re ever in South Florida, you have to give a day to this botanical wonderland.
  2. Having always been on my list, I finally made it up North to the majestic landscape of B.C. Canada. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so overly saturated with every shade of GREEN … which is a very drastic change of scenery when you are coming from the Arizona desert.
  3. Lastly, but certainly not least, my absolute favorite destination … I C E L A N D! This misty, otherworldly landscape is where I spent an unforgettable 10 days of my life this past summer. Road-tripping on the single-laned + windy roads through the breath-taking landscapes of the country, I felt an intimate connection with the Earth in a way that I never have before. {Iceland travel post coming soon!}

Tay in Trees2

The common denominator of all these places is of course, nature immersion. Getting outside and connecting to the Earth in a big way is gratifying, electric + enlightening. The magic we soak up in these special places around the world is directly infused into everything we do ~ for ourselves, our families + the world.
• • •

+ I helped launch a book! I helped my favorite flower freak {Katie Hess, Founder of LOTUSWEI} launch her first book, Flowerevolution: Blooming Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers! :O And I T  I S  A M A Z I N G ~ read what Whitney has to say about it here!

The entire process of successfully executing a book launch is one wiiiild ride. From reaching out to supporters, designing flowerific graphics + writing copy, designing webpages + email magic, shooting + editing trailers and flower videos, distilling a strategy that fit our style, organizing book launch tour events, throwing the parties … we did it all ~ a small team of 8. And we did it well. The biggest compliment we received was when someone inquired as to which book marketing agency we hired to execute it all! 😛

• • •

Tay w Tree

Expanding upon what life brought me in 2016, my wish is to continue traveling {maybe meet my sister along some of her adventures if I can talk her into it} and push more and more positivity, love + magic out into the world … at work, through this blog, and to every single person I come into contact with.

This coming year will mark my 25th orbit around the S U N … eek, halfway to 50! This may seem a little drastic + ridiculous, but it inspires me to start taking better care of my body! Eat healthier, supplement my diet with potions + herbal tonics + powders, start moving more, dive into a *mindfulness* practice … and make it all seem like a sacred ritual. I always sayyyy I want to get up in the morning and meditate for 15 minutes with a steaming cup of tea, some palo santo or incense, crystals + flower essences {sounds divine, right?}, but I can’t seem to discipline myself to get out of my cozy bed to start the ritual. So, I’ll be working on that in the new year. It IS a priority.

Tay in Trees3

I also want to ::

  • Drink more water.
  • Collect more crystals.
  • Learn how to make homemade chai.
  • Buy a house.
  • Meet up with my Buttercup babes for a mini Pure Up retreat.
  • Learn more about the power of plants.
  • Write more letters.
  • Make a wilderness perfume.
  • Take more polaroid pictures.
  • Hike & practice tai chi more.

What are your most important insights + memorable experiences of 2016?

What will you be manifesting in 2017?

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Tay.


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