The researching and reporting. The experiencing and the sharing. A constant cycle of doing then transcribing it for the world to read.

There is something about taking a break; soaking everything in, learning from all of the experiences that we were faced with and being fully present with the opportunities that we had been given.

The Pure Up Team has been on the go go go!

We have traveled to the other side of the globe, started our own businesses, designed life size murals, been faced with challenging circumstances, moved in with our significant other and helped launched a freaking book. We quit jobs. We even started working with our best friends.

So, we took a break. But while we were on a break [insert Ross screaming this at Rachel meme], our wheels have been turning. FINALLY, we’re ready to share!

We have tons of adventures to show you, life tips to share and everything else in between! Grab your glasses + a steaming hot cup of your favorite libation and get ready for stories after stories.

The blog is back!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Pure Up Babes.


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