5 Tips To Improve Your Life

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Ever feel like you’re just schlepping your way through life + dreaming about all of the people who have it easier? Your body may be at work, but in your mind, you’re a millionaire on your own private island without a care in the world. You’re not alone. Sometimes, all it takes is an assessment of your daily routine to change your attitude + improve your life.

+ Take care of yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks that cause you to forego your own upkeep. However, enriching yourself mentally, physically, + spiritually is essential to living a happy life. Make sure you’re mostly eating food that is boosting your health rather than deteriorating it. Are you really “treating yourself” if your treat evolves you into a couch potato? Take the time to do yoga or even some crunches + squats everyday. It feels empowering to really use your body + know you’re in complete control of how you’re using it daily. Instead of coming straight home to watch junk television, read a book. Your vocabulary will improve, your thoughts will be clearer, + I guarantee you’ll be more observant which will allow you to experience the world around you in a more fulfilling way. Give yourself an hour to simply close your eyes + listen to music. You will awaken emotions that make you feel alive + with those emotions usually comes inspiration.

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+ Don’t talk about your stressors daily. We all have things that weigh down on us that create stress. We don’t want them there so we talk about them to try + release their presence. Instead of discussing what ales you, take the actions necessary to solve the problem. Don’t use your stressors as an excuse to not complete other tasks. Don’t talk about your stressors + linger in them. Simply figure them out on your own + take care of it.

+ Make a daily “to do” list. Don’t treat your brain like a filing cabinet of tasks. Save yourself the mental space + make a daily list. Complete each task, with your full attention, one at a time. If you remember something else you need to do while working on a task, write it down + forget about it until you’re able to take care of it. You should go to bed each night with a clean conscience + a sense of accomplishment. To make it more fun, find a planner that won’t cramp your style. Danielle LaporteMoorea Seal  have beautiful collections of notebooks + planners to choose from.

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+ Organize. At the beginning of 2016, a giant shipment arrived at our house that was filled with belongings that had been sitting in storage for 5 years. It was a huge + somewhat scary task, but we tackled it in a week! How? We had a fail-proof system. We specifically labeled various bins for storage + created 3 piles of “donate”, “sell”, or “throw away”. WARNING: this can be addicting. After this, I went on a de-cluttering spree. I organized my make-up, I organized my jewelry, I organized my sock drawer, I organized my everything. The added bonus? In the process of organizing, you’re also minimizing. I got rid of so much excess junk that I haven’t needed in years. I mean, do I really need my high school wardrobe collection of Hollister + Abercrombie? Not unless there’s a Laguna Beach themed party in my near future.

+ Set long-term goals + work on them everyday. On your “to-do” list, make sure to allow AT LEAST 30 minutes to work toward your long-term goals every single day. For me, I’m currently writing a book, so I make sure to write AT LEAST 2 pages a day. This keeps me focused, keeps me motivated, + keeps me sane knowing that I’m one step closer to my dreams.

I hope that these tips can help you Buttercups as much as they’ve helped me. By adapting an organized approach to life, I’ve learned that I don’t have to carry the stress of 1,000 things all at once. I can be tactful about my dreams, errands, leisure, etc. + enjoy the process. It’s all about staying efficient, enriching your soul, + keeping your eyes on the prize.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.


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