year of the monkey

I took some of my own advice (from this recent post), and went to town to uncover my fortune for the Year of the Red Fire Monkey! Chinese New Year starts on February 8th and by the looks of things, its going to be a feisty + dynamic year for this girl (and all of us for that matter). My Chinese zodiac animal sign is also a monkey, so I was very curious to see what information I could find regarding how my year is predicted to play out. Here is the take-away, without getting too specific:

+ Qualities of a monkey: intelligent, witty, innovative, playful, curious, creative, hyperactive, strong-minded, mischievous, imaginative, exuberant, fearless expression and agile. Take a moment to consider how each of these qualities may apply to you on a personal level. Your family? Society?

+ 2016 will be a yang year; full of strong yang energy – rather than things falling into place and coming to us, we have to go out and get ’em – get shit done on our own. So here’s to the year of TAKING ACTION. Anything can happen – everything is possible. Dare to be different and think outside of the box. Get out of your comfort zone and gain insights from the world around you. Strive for progress, regardless of form. Be mindful of the time you spend gaining understanding, awareness and acceptance.

+ It is said that each sign has an unlucky year – the year you meet your birth sign year, which happens at ages 12, 24, 36, etc. And guess who is a monkey and turning 24 this year? Me. I am. But I WON’T let that get me down. It just means I have to be extra tuned in to what is happening around me and be ready to handle the unpredictable. Things will be in flux, but that is ok. Problems will arise – I will solve them. Let’s all embrace the unexpected, loosen up, and laugh more when things get tough.

How can we fend off the bad luck? Wear red (something gifted from a loved one, rather than something you buy yourself), jade jewelry (just ordered this!), and face in the right direction (Northeast) – opposite from Southwest 240º, which is the position of the Tai Sui, the God of Age. Woo-woo or not, it’s worth a shot!

+ Monkey mind + monkey business: We all know what this is; one idea after the other, the feeling of constant brain chatter and the inability to turn-it-off! Extra focus and effort should be given to the emotional self this year. Find peace through meditation, creative expression or physical activity.

+ Things will be on fi-yah: The Monkey sign is of the Metal element. Metal is typically associated with confidence, success, independence, persistence, strength + energetic attraction. “Fire puts Metal and its very identity to the test,” says Noah Rubinstein. Under the influence of fire, a monkey must be careful to not let their best qualities become over-taken by a darker side; cleverness used for manipulation, confidence leading to a stubborn mind, charm turned superficial, leadership used for controlling others, etc.

+ My prime hours: 3-5pm

+ Lucky: numbers; 4 + 9. Colors; white, blue, gold. Flowers; Chrysanthemum + Crape-Myrtle. Direction; northeast.

+ Unlucky: numbers; 2 + 7. Colors; red + pink. Direction; southeast.

Having spent over a day researching, there are a lot more details that I could get into relating specifically to what the Red Fire Monkey year means for a monkey. But I highly suggest diving into your own research and finding out what this year means for you. Take into account your Chinese zodiac animal, Taoist element, star sign and moon sign. If you uncover any other exciting details I missed, I would love for you to share with us below! ❤

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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