Handwritten letters are probably one of the most underappreciated gestures in my generation. We’ve become accustomed to immediate conversation and, quite honestly, don’t have the patience to sit down, write a letter, wait for the letter to get to the recipient, wait for them to write back and repeat the process again. Me? I’d choose letters over texting or emailing anyday. They make me all tingly and happy inside. Thankfully, my sister led me straight to a place that promotes old fashioned conversation and good eats.

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There’s a lovely little brunch area in Portland called HunnyMilk that revives the lost art of letter writing. Every first Saturday, they give you free letter writing supplies with your meal. The shop is run by the friendliest couple and is open only on the weekends. Upon my arrival, I was given plenty of letter supplies and access to the bottomless coffee bar. Believe me, I took advantage of that coffee. Oh, you also get coloring pages and a bowl of crayons. This place does everything possible to bring out your inner child; it’s the bomb. I was able to knock out FOUR letters. Four letters I wrote to people that have great meaning to my life. It took almost an hour; but I did it. I loved every second of it.

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Not only is the idea and experience amazing, but the FOOD – oh my gosh. Basically, you choose a drink, a savory dish and a sweet dish for a $20 deal. My savory dish was a sausage-covered-egg on top of parsley pesto, with a side of radish + arugula topped with a yummy vinaigrette.  Now, the sweet dish. This half of my meal was a birthday cake waffle dipped in honey with a cream cheese mousse and FREAKING COTTON CANDY SPRINKLES. If you know me, you know my life revolves around cotton candy and it’s on my mind 24/7. Honestly, giving me a bowl of the sprinkles would have been just as satisfying.

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Overall, this is definitely one of my new favorite spots. The people, the food, the experience; it’s all magical. Any place that gives you the opportunity to reach out to people you love and indulge deserves endless appreciation. Thank you, HunnyMilk, for making my first letters & brunch experience the best one ever. I will return very, very soon. 

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Kylee.


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