Every city has its gems. But most of the time when you google search ‘best coffee shops in {insert city}”, you normally get a list of so-so places and multiple Starbucks locations pop up. Can you say ‘LAME!?’ From experience, the only way I’ve been able to find these hidden gems in a foreign city is to actually seek out a human being that knows the area and ask them to name a few. So, I am that human and am here to provide you with a list of my favorite coffee houses in the city of Phoenix.

+ LUX Central : 4402 N Central Ave

I have always dreamt of owning a place exactly like this: coffee shop/bakery/unique bites during the day + hip cocktail/beer/wine lounge at night. This place is perfection. Be aware though that it is always a bit crowded. I normally only attempt the crowd when I am by myself or with one other person – finding a place to sit can be challenging. They serve an eclectic menu for breakfast, lunch + dinner – their menu is always changing and satisfies the tummy like a home-cooked meal.

*If you’re hungry, try their – Jalapeño Mac + Cheese…totally to-die-for.

+ Tea & Toast at Desoto Central Market : 915 N Central Ave

Desoto Market is just a few blocks from where I work downtown – so my team and I meet up here at least once a week. It’s basically an urban food hall with about 7 different vendors to choose from; coffee/tea + toast, loaded burgers, southern with a modern twist, Asian fusion, oyster bar, salads + cold pressed juices! Oh, and a cocktail bar! Tea + Toast is by far my favorite spot though. Allison, the mastermind girl boss of Teaspressa, invented a new way to drink tea: like espresso, but concentrated tea shots! Get the kick of coffee with the benefits of tea! I think we can call that a win-win.

*Favorite Drink: Black Rose Latte

Lola Coffee Bar : 1001 N 3rd Ave

This is another coffee spot that is near my office – so it is my go-to stop when I am feeling a delicious chai latte. (Desoto’s chai just doesn’t do it for me). Nestled in the historical district, this coffee house is quaint, crowded with good people, full of natural light and always smells of perfectly roasted coffee and freshly baked goodies.

*I normally take: a hot dirty chai latte w/ almond milk + a slivered almond croissant from their in-house bakery.

Peixoto Coffee : 11 W Boston St #6

Okay, so the first time I went here, I sat at the big table and was trying to get some work done. Then a group of guys came in and crowded me – so I was a weeeee bit irritated. Shortly after, I was asked, ‘are you with the band?’ Caught off guard + totally confused, I said no. As the guys started to stand up and leave, one of the baristas asked to get a photo with them. After they had left, I found out I was sharing the table with Matisyahu! Even though I didn’t know who they were, it’s a cool story to tell, right? Anyways, Peixoto’s story is way more interesting – check it out here.

Cartel Coffee Lab : 225 W University Dr #101

Cartel was the first coffee shop in Phoenix that I fell in love with. It will always have a special place in my heart. And, it is actually where I wrote this post! I looove the ever-changing art on their walls and they always play the BEST music. I normally leave with a list of at least 10 songs that Siri was nice enough to recognize for me.

* Favorite location: Tempe – it is right next to Buffalo Exchange. Coffee + thrifting – yes please!

Crepe Bar : 7520 S Rural Rd

Even though this is a crepe bar, they do coffee right too. You would be crazy if you didn’t grab a crepe while you are there though. They are seriously the best crepes I have ever put into my mouth. You may have to wait, but I promise it will be worth it. Every crepe is made to order with seasonal ingredients sourced from Arizona’s top local farms. And the staff is just THE nicest. They recognize when your food is taking a long time and come by with yummy samples to hold you over!

*Favorite savory crepe: Andouille Sausage – – Favorite sweet crepe: Vanilla Bean Custard

What are your favorite coffee spots in your city?

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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