Have you ever landed on someone’s Instagram profile and are so blown away with the eye candy that you can’t stop scrolling? To me, a single photo doesn’t sell me on a profile, the aesthetic of the entire feed does. When we first started our Instagram, we had NO IDEA how to make our feed look cohesive, even though the individual photos that we were posting stood great by themselves! And because this blog is a collaboration between 4 unique individuals, it was impractical to think we could all miraculously adopt the same style of photography. My favorite filter isn’t Kylee’s favorite filter, Kerri mainly shoots on her iPhone, Whitney has a Canon 5D, etc. Plus, we wanted to remain free to be wildly creative in our own individual ways!

After experimenting different ways to create an aesthetically pleasing feed in our situation, we came up with the following 4 guidelines that work for us!

+ Alternate posting white dominant photos with colorful/darker photos aaand make sure your whites are WHITE! We have found that this creates an organized look that doesn’t feel too overwhelming + cluttered. And a weird pet peeve of mine is when whites look grey, yellow or blue. The new Color Story app by A Beautiful Mess is great for white balancing + color enhancement.

+ Schedule out your posts. My favorite app to help with this is Latergramme. You can upload photos and place them into time slots and also preview what your feed will look like if you stick to the schedule! Aaamazing! You can pre-write your captions and everything. This program is really helpful in experimenting what works next to each other and what doesn’t. The only catch is the app won’t automatically post to Insta – it will notify you when you have a post scheduled and you just have to manually finish the deed.


+ Space out like photos. I am a fan of the occasional inspirational quote in hand-written lettering. But, if I post too many consecutively, they don’t enhance the overall aesthetic of our feed. At first glance, our account would look like a collection of quotes…not what we are going for. Similarly, even though Kerri’s #MOTD selfies are absolutely gorgeous, if too many are posted next to each other, things seem off balance. Same thing with colors, try to space them out accordingly too!


+ Feature other feeds you love + businesses you support. I love doing this for many reasons; you spread the love by introducing your followers to other accounts, it shows you are open to collaboration, you are pushing out more content on your feed (photos that you don’t have to take), and if you do it right, you spread the word of your account! Put heart into your caption and say something that will make your followers go check out the other feed – if the other account gets good engagement with your post, they will be inclined to follow you back and/or follow up with a S4S(ing). And, this is really important – ALWAYS give credit. Tag them in your caption AND in the photo – the comment tag will eventually ‘disappear’ – if you tag them in the photo too, your reposted photo will show up in their everlasting feed of tagged photos!

moonage metals

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Your feed should be a photo collection of what lights you up – if you are posting what makes you happy, your joyful creativity will shine and inspire others!

Do you have any unique tips to share? Tell us in the comments below! 

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


* Photo 4 foraged from Pinterest, Photo 5 from @moonagemetals.


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