Ashley Makes

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“Can I make a career out of doing what I love?” A thought that has probably crossed your mind once or twice. Let us introduce you to someone who has taken the leap + done just that.



Ashley Griffin is a long time friend and creative inspiration of mine.

Ashley earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Industrial Design at Auburn University. Post college, she landed an internship in Brooklyn, New York where she stayed for a year + designed products that were sold in stores. She then relocated to Nashville, Tennessee where she started an exciting full-time job that allowed her to travel often + married her college sweetheart, David.

Check out her gorgeous wedding suite designed + created by the bride herself.


Several years ago, Ashley started creating custom artwork as a hobby through favors and requests from friends and family, and now after years of encouragement from those people, she decided to expand upon this creative outlet by launching Ashley Makes .

I’m in love with paper, patterns, textures, and all the little details that make an event or special moment, unique. I love creating anything from scratch and live in a never-ending daydream of possibilities. Together, we can explore anything from wedding invitations, to t-shirts, to fully built displays – I’ve done it all.”




Advice from Ashley on “taking the leap”.

I have dreamed, and played out every single scenario, of what it would be like going out on my own through design for a of couple years now. I’ve always been interested in art for as long as I can remember, but as I got older doing my own thing seemed so out of reach. People were always encouraging me to take the leap, but I was constantly making excuses or putting it off – truthfully I was just scared. Scared of failing, scared of people being uninterested, scared I wasn’t good enough. It was only recently this year, after a train of events with my previous job, that I fell in to the position of literally having no excuse not to start what I am now calling “Ashley Makes”. I have been overwhelmed with the support, kind words, and interest that so many people have shown in such a short time! Of course, I still have those moments where I’m thinking “Ahh what am I doing?!”, but I am thrilled to see how this journey will go and really hope to see my work grow. It sounds cliché, but you really never know until you try, and if you don’t try you’ll always wonder. So whatever it is that you’re contemplating or putting off – take the leap! I think you’ll be surprised with how everything turns out.”


If you’re in need of any custom artwork, contact this talented beauty to bring your vision to life + support a true artist following her dream. You can view/purchase more of Ashley’s artwork on Etsy or of course, on the website Ashley Makes // She can be reached at 

5 Fun Facts About Ashley:

  • Current Song on Repeat: “Crystals”, Of Monsters & Men
  • I Have A Strange Affinity For: Old photographs + reliving memories
  • Favorite Childhood Movie: The Rescuers Down Under
  • I Often Daydream About: Owning my own stationary store + renovating houses
  • Parents’ Favorite Saying: “People are people, and they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do”

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.


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