Ever heard of FOMO? Well it means Fear Of Missing Out. Thankfully this word is not in my vocabulary. Although there are times that I kick myself in the butt for not going out with my friends or making plans on my time off, I looove spending time by myself – one of the many perks of being a Pisces. 🙂


So be entertained by all that you are and embrace the power of one with these 10 things to do by yourself!

+ Take yourself out to dinner. Have you been dying to try a new restaurant in your city? No need to plan a dinner date with a friend, you are your best company. Indulge on a delicious meal – maybe even give a new dish a try. Pair it with a tasty beverage. And try not to worry about the bill. If you feel like leaving your phone out of the picture, bring a book to read or a journal to draw or write in. As liberating not being on your phone may be, I looove finding new Instagram accounts to follow – having beautiful photos pop up on my feed provides creative inspiration on a daily basis. But when dinner is served, put away all distractions; take time to taste the flavors + savor every single bite.

+ Venture somewhere solitary to watch the sunset + stargaze. One of my favorite things to experience is watching the sky change from day to night. The sunsets in Phoenix are particularly extraordinary, so this solo activity can even blow your mind – if you’re into that kind of thing. Marvel in the feeling of solitude in the midst of interconnectedness.

+ Go for a walk in nature. You may even find hidden treasures right in your own neighborhood. I love taking my camera with me and snapping  the little wonders that come to life when I take the time to look closer.

+ Read your horoscope. Although astrology fascinates me, keeping up to date on my horoscope never seems to be a priority. When I do take the time to read what’s going on with my sign on any give month, the predictions never cease to blow me away. Remember to not only look at your zodiac sign, but also your moon + rising sign – find out how and why they are important here.

+ Go thrifting. Since I am always tempted to dig a little deeper through second hand goodies than most people, thrifting for me is a super fun way to spend time with myself. I always love making up stories in my head of where the random objects on the trinket shelves came from – they normally end up with a Toy Story-like biography.

+ Post up at a coffee shop & strike up a conversation with a stranger. Most of the time we are at a coffeeshop by ourselves, we are working, doing school work or consumed in something personal. Try leaving your phone, computer or book in your bag and take the time to be present in the moment. If someone sits down next to you, compliment them, ask if they frequent the shop and know the best menu item, or see if they can recommend any hidden gems in the nearby area.


+ Sing and dance like you are on stage to your favorite music. This one is a personal favorite. Throw on surround sound, find an object to imitate a microphone and go for it. If you’re really good at it, you may even score a little workout!

+ Perform a random act of kindness. Go through a drive thru coffee shop and cover the bill of the person behind you. Treat a homeless person to your favorite home cooked meal. Leave an overly-generous tip with a kind thank you note on the receipt. Give a stranger a bouquet of flowers.

+ Go see a movie. Animated films are my guilty pleasure. Always a fail-proof solo date; don’t have to share my popcorn, they contain hilarious jokes only adults will laugh at, and the credits normally roll after a happy ending.

+ Write, write, write! You don’t have to be a writer to write. Jot down whatever comes to mind; recount your dreams, sort through issues you may be going through, keep track of you wildest ideas, tap into your inner creativity & fill the pages!

What are some of your favorite things to do by yourself? Share with us in the comments below!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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