Taylor’s New Year Resolutions

1. Change my sleeping pattern. I go to bed too late, and press snooze way too much. This will be the year of the SUNRISES. One reason waking up earlier is important is because I always put off ‘Tay-time’ until after work – which normally means I never get around to it because things like: long day at work, just wanna lounge, have to make dinner, need to clean up, etc. But if I wake up and do my time before stepping out into the world, I think everyone I touch will benefit, not just me.

2. Read + write more. Read more books, follow more blogs, and actively research things I want to know more about. Write more for the blog, hand-write more letters + post cards to family and friends, and keep a dream/random-thought journal.

3. When I go to a coffee shop or anywhere that they ask a name for the order, give them a kick ass fake name. Sounds silly – trust me, I know. But I have ALWAYS wanted to do this, and never have. I either chicken out last minute or remember to do it after I say, ‘T-a-y-l-o-r.’

4. Keep a weekly planner. My super cool boss gifted me a Danielle LaPorte planner for the holidays – every week, it has me evaluate my core desired feelings and write down what I will do to make sure that I feel that way! Genius!

3. Create a sanctuary. As an introvert, I have found that it is easier for me to clear my energy and regain sanity by simply being alone. Every room in my house has a special place that I find comfortable + peaceful. But I think it would be a lot easier for me to successfully find balance if I had a sacred place that I can go to and remove myself from distractions, sit in silence, and think.

Whitney’s New Year Resolutions


1. Finish script. Turn the hundreds of pages of notes and dialogue that I’ve accumulated over the past 3 years into a tangible, polished script. This is a project that my heart and soul have already been poured into. However, it is lacking the craftsmanship needed to mold it into something that I’m proud of and ready to move forward with.

2. Act and speak with love. I can’t even lie a single bit, LA has hardened me. I can almost attribute it entirely to simply driving in the cut-throat environment that is Los Angeles. After being outside for only five minutes, I felt immense stress. I don’t ever want to feel that way again. It distracted me from what I care most about in this world: connecting with people. I want to bring goodness into this world and I know that this can be accomplished on a macro scale with micro actions on a daily basis. I don’t want to act from anger or stress because it has a ripple effect. I want to have an open heart and really hear the people  that I am interacting with day to day. Experience and say my thanks for all of the beauty in the world and in return, reflect it back.

3. Occupational strategy.  Jack of all trades; master of none. My life’s tagline. I have so many passions and curiosities; because of that, I’ve dabbled in many different job fields. Most of which, facilitating unforgettable opportunities. However, this year, I want to map out all of my strongest interests and skills in hopes of getting a solid occupational goal set. I will follow my heart, let my passions drive me, and have a very clear and specific idea as to what it is I am working for. Of course, I’ll always leave room for detours because as John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans”.

4. Write. Write. Write. Ok, this is a combination of goals 1-3. Writing is my act of catharsis. This year, I will hone in on my voice and produce tangible and diverse work to: 1) represent myself and 2) connect with others.

5. Get involved locally. In 2015, I directly learned the benefits of supporting small business. I really didn’t see firsthand just how beneficial and important the decisions to “shop small” and to “shop local” were until I worked at a small boutique. During my time there, I learned about and met various artists in the area. I didn’t just see cheap mass-manufactured trendy products on a fluorescent lit shelf. I saw the high quality products of vision, hard-work, and passion of unique and diverse INDIVIDUALS. Individuals who make their inventory with their own two hands. Individuals right there in my town. This year, I want to take it one step further and get involved in ALL great things happening locally. Not only artists, but organizations, creative groups, etc.


Kerri’s New Year Resolutions

1.  Organize my life.  This isn’t just my desire for having my personal belongings more organized (which trust me, they desperately need some organizing!).  I need my life to be more organized.  I need to get up at a good time in the morning, and quit setting the alarm to give me just enough time to quickly get ready and run out the door.  Whenever I do it, I am overwhelmed with anxiety and stress, yet I continue to do it to MYSELF what seems like every day lately.  I want to have a refrigerator full of fresh foods and healthier options, instead of the opting for the usual take-out orders I place at least twice a day.  I want to leave myself time in the day for ME.  Make myself a priority.

2. Communicate better.  Communication is typically not my strong point in life.  I either don’t share anything at all, keep things quietly inside or I completely over-share and find myself wanting to shove my foot in my mouth immediately, then obsessively analyzing my words and the situation at hand for days.  I need to find balance between what should without a doubt be shared, and the feelings and emotions I should sometimes keep to myself to later avoid an unnecessary situation.

3. Stay connected. | Stay involved.  I’ve been through a lot of changes this past year.  Although I am beyond grateful for where my life is today,  I cannot let myself forget about the extreme dissociative state that I was in, not long ago.  I spent a lot of my time with the constant feeling like something was wrong, and felt so removed from my surroundings & the people around me.  I felt as if I were looking at life through a veil.. just emotionally numb.  There are not many things I am sure of in life, but I am sure that I never want to feel that way again.  I never want to stop being involved in my own life.  I never want to take for granted everything wonderful that life has given to me, and the importance of genuine human connection and interaction.  This definitely ties in with communication, too.  Good or bad, communicate your feelings to the ones around you.

4.  Meditation + Yoga.  Life in New York City can fly by so quickly.  It can also eat you alive if you let it.  I am constantly on the go that I literally need to force myself to stop for a minute and just chill.  In the past, yoga has always been able to get me to that relaxed state I dream of daily but clearly I have been slacking on continuing my practices.. not this year!

5.  Go to a lot of concerts.  If you know me at all, even just a little bit, then you know that music is everything to me.  When I’m happy, there’s a song for that.  When I’m feeling sassy, there’s a song for that too.  There’s a song for everything, a soundtrack to my life.  2016 is a year for me to continue to be overwhelmingly happy (because I totally am right now!)

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Tay, Whit, and Ker.


2 responses to “RESOLUTIONS FOR 2016

  1. Very nice post! I want to do the fake name thing too hahaha Everytime Igoto Starbucks I think about it! Happy New Year! x

    Zoel Hernández |


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