This past weekend, I woke up feeling like I needed to do something to treat myself. Whether or not I deserved it…was not the question. I had an itch that needed scratching. I debated on going to get a spontaneous haircut, going to get a manicure, head to Citrine Natural Beauty Bar to splurge on some new makeup – but all of that required leaving the house. Bleh.

Remembering I had received a bunch of samples from Lemongrass Spa, I was relieved to find I could have all the luxury of pampering myself right here at home!


So, because I wanted to enjoy the actual act of making my body feel polished and pretty, I decided to just take pictures before, rather than of physically using the actual products – photo obsession + ‘blog life’ can sometimes get in the way of enjoying the actual moment. If any of you bloggers have tips on this, we would LOVE to hear!

My day started with a totally relaxing and nourishing time in the bath! Before hopping in, I lit a few unscented candles and added essential oils for the most sensuous pop of natural scent to fill the room.  Nothing is better than natural light seeping in from the windows with a few lit flames flickering in your peripherals. In each tea light I added 2 drops of Jasmine + Sandalwood essential oil. Mmm.


Lemongrass Spa Products used in the bath:

Vanilla Latte Body Polish: To gently exfoliate + buff away dry skin, I used this body polish with a bath brush, which helps remove impurities + increase circulation. This, in combination with being packed will natural nourishing oils, improves the health of your whole body and enhances your skin’s natural glow!

Whispering Pine Soap: The scent of pine, balsam boughs + bergamont left my skin feeling as fresh as a cool mountain breeze after the treatment from the body polish. This scent mixed with the aroma from the tealights was p-e-r-f-e-c-t-o! Felt like I should be up in a cabin in Flagstaff.

Lavender Face Soap with Goats Milk: I am always really hesitant to try a new facial soap, but the gentle cleanse from the organic lavender essential oil left my skin with a radiant tone + and smooth texture.


Lemongrass Spa Products used to get pretty:

Hydrating Eye Creme: I have actually never used an eye cream before so this was a first. With shea butter, jojoba, olive oil, cucumber extract and rose hip oil, this blend made the skin around my eyes feel super soft + didn’t irritate, whatsoever!

Face Creme with Botanicals: Packed with Vitamin E, evening primrose, allantoin, pomegranate extract and Bulgarian Lavender, this cream improves skin tone, texture and natural glow.


Last but not least (& my favorite), Organic Sugar Plum Shimmer Lip Gloss: With a super subtle aroma of natural vanilla, this lip gloss is made with pure minerals + cocoa butter. The natural tint is long lasting + is perfect for a natural nude look or very easy to dress up! Wearing below!


Order from my girl Staci by following this link!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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