About two weeks ago, my mom and I each had our blood tested with a LIVE blood screening. Most people don’t know the difference between a traditional blood test and a LIVE blood test, so here’s a quick run down:

  • They don’t draw blood. They only take a drop of blood from pricking your finger. 
  • The drop is then put underneath a high powered microscope, which is hooked up to a TV, for you and the specialist to examine (this technique is mainly used by holistic practitioners). 
  • Rather than waiting for results, you are able to see the health of your blood LIVE ON THE SCREEN. You see the state of your red blood cells and how they are moving about one another, bacteria or parasites swimming in the plasma of the blood, your white blood cells moving about and vacuuming up that bad bacteria, etc. 
  • From this you can identify areas of imbalance in the body to prevent potential health issues! Seeing the state of your blood is also a kick in the butt to make your general health + well-being a top priority. AND…it’s just really cool. 

So if there is a wellness center by you that performs this test, I highly suggest you go get your blood checked!


Since my mom and I were both disturbed by the sight of bacteria swimming around in our blood, we wanted something natural that was going to rid of the nasty little buggers. Our holistic bio-nutritionalist recommended something that we only thought you used for your pets and swimming pools — diatomaceous earth – the food grade version, of course!

Once I got home, I researched the heck out of it and immediately called my mom to see what she thought. We were both blown-a-w-a-y! There are countless benefits of taking diatomaceous earth, but here’s the gist of it:

First, what is it? 30 million year old fossilized phytoplankton – a natural source of silica in powder form. AKA, dinosaur dust. Diatomaceous means full of diatoms – which are single-celled, honeycombed structured algae organisms encased in silicon exoskeletons. AKA, ‘algae in opal houses.’ 


Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth:

  • Cleans and detoxes our insides by gently scrubbing our intestinal walls and digestive tracts of bacteria and heavy metals – which directly increases our ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. For me, this lead to an increased level of energy! I had an undeniable dependency on coffee to wake up and stay present throughout the day, but since day 1 of taking this I haven’t craved a single cup!
  • Supports heart health – cholesterol levels + blood pressure
  • Health + beauty product that is working from the inside :: skin, hair, nails, teeth + bones.

Now I am sure you’re asking yourself, “why isn’t this something that EVERYONE makes sure is apart of their diet?!” Well, before modern farming and the reality of toxic soil, we were able to receive a healthy amount of silica from the foods that we ate. So it makes sense that we hear of more and more people having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low energy levels, digestion issues, etc…


How do I take it? I am starting with just 1 tsp every morning on an empty stomach. I mix it with about 2 oz of water and shoot it (tastes like gritty dirty water). I also make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated because it can cause dehydration – which can lead to a lot of no-goods. 

Let me know if you guys give it a try or are currently including DE in your daily health routine. I would love to hear how the dinosaur dust is enhancing your overall health + well-being!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor. 



    • Hi there! Great question ~ I actually never went back for another blood viewing because I actually FELT the results + trusted that it did what it was supposed to! Because the amount of bacteria I had in my blood was pretty normal, I wasn’t too concerned. Just SEEING them is kinda freaky and makes you want to take extra care of yourself. I was really amazed at the benefits though … I had more energy (because the food I was eating was actually being absorbed + turned into fuel) + my metabolism + digestive system was super ‘satisfactory’! And I even mixed it with water and used it as a gentle exfoliant on my face – which made my skin feel great! I hope all this helps! xo


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