In July, I was introduced to a beauty + wellness brand that is changing the world through the transformative power of flower essences – LOTUSWEI. At that time, I joined the #FLOWEREVOLUTION movement.

Holding close to heart the idea that health + happiness fall into place when living simply + surrounding yourself by nature, my mind is wide open to anything that naturally enhances your state of mind. Who isn’t, right? Taking the practice of healing our bodies with essential oils + aromatherapy [which utilizes the physical body of the plant] one step further, flower essences nourish our energetic presence with the actual mind + energy of the plant.

Ready for your science lesson of the day? Consider this: Everything in the universe is energy + matter vibrates at a certain measurable frequency. So, when the energy of a living plant is captured, bottled, and given to us in a form that we can put into or onto our bodies, our energy is enhanced with the vibrational essence of that particular plant. Our bodies, like a tuning fork, will harmonize with vibrations that it comes into contact with.

The #FLOWEREVOLUTION is a 6 month personal growth program that is specifically designed to dissolve old habits, increase your level of clarity and enhance your feelings of centeredness, strength + radiance. Every month you are given a limited-edition flower elixir to take internally.


The first month, I experienced the essence of the Black Bat Flower – magnifies Fierce Compassion, Fearlessness + Protective Strength. At the time that I was taking this elixir, my manperson’s dad and uncle were admitted into the hospital – ironically, on the same day. Seeing fear on anyone’s face is a sight that makes my bones shiver. And I have always had a tough time formulating the right words to say in dire situations, like this one.

But something switched this time, and compassion flowed out of my mouth with no effort at all. It came from a foreign place. Somehow I was translating all the right things to not only him, but his family too. His sister told me, “You are my hero!” After I explained to her why I felt I was able to be strong in a place of tenderness + fearlessly communicate the right things at the right time, she is now riding on the flower essence band-wagon with me!


During the month of August, I was taking the Bamboo elixir – magnifies feelings of Strength, Power and Determination. My jokester friends always say that I have ADD. I feel like I have SO much energy and inspiration to do a million different things, but have to work extra hard to be able to focus on one. [I will refrain from telling you how long I have been working on this post.] I’ve never considered it a medical issue, I just simply accept that it’s the way that I am! With that said, the Bamboo elixir was an experiential gift.

When I get to work, I open up Basecamp and assess the to-do’s for the day. Sometimes the list can be so busy that it makes me freeze. My thoughts then proceed to say, “How the heck are you going to be productive today with all of this on your mind?” A few drops – into an iced dirty chai – later, I feel unstoppable. Those negative thoughts turn into: Babe, get out of your own way. You got this. But first, coffee MORE BAMBOO.


The beginning of this month marked the start of the Rattlesnake flower essence – Vacation in a Bottle, Meditative Mind, Celebration. I am looking forward to spending my long Labor Day Weekend immersed in the benefits of this flower elixir!

Does this sound like something you would like? September 6th is the LAST day that the doors are open to secure your spot for the next program! Register here + join the #FLOWEREVOLUTION with me!

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally Beautiful. With Love, Taylor.


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