Summertime Poolside Essentials

imageWhen you live in Phoenix in the summertime, if you are outside, you’re either walking as fast as you can from Point A to Point B, sitting outside under humidifying misters, or submerging every inch of your body in the pool. And sometimes, there is just nothing better than spending the weekend by the pool, soaking up some extra Vitamin D. It makes me feel euphoric.

Other than the obvious essentials (water, towel, floaty, + handsome manperson), these are some of the things I don’t head to the pool without.


1. Well unless it’s okay to be nude where you’re swiimming, you definiely need a swim suit. I am the world’s pickest swim suit shopper. I’ve dealt with this issue by accepting the fact that I will never have a swim suit top and bottom that matches. So, when I find a top or bottom that I actually like, I just buy it separate, and complete the suit with a solid colored opposing piece. Last summer when I was in the Virgin Islands, I discovered Maaji Swimwear. I love everything about the bottoms that I purchased: the seams are hidden and don’t squeeze the booty, the patterns are absolutely adorable, they are reversible, and the quality is on par (think LuluLemon meets Free People meets Billabong). Next Maaji purchase for me? This ADORABLE active getup.


2. I’ve always been interested in the healing powers of aromatherapy and essential oils. But recently, this interest was brought to a whole new level – I was introduced to the world of flower essences.

In short, flower essences are the mind and energy of the plant. I am an avid believer in that all things, including our bodies, are energy – everything is just vibrating at a different frequency. So when the energy of a flower or plant is captured and infused into something that we can put into or onto our bodies, it only makes sense that it would directly effect our energy. Right? So, not only does the LOTUSWEI Joy Juice Energy Mist smell like a garden of goodness from the essential oils, it is loaded with the transformative powers of flower essences that dissolve seriousness and worry and make you experience more laughter, contentment and simplicity. Who doesn’t need that more? ***No one raises their hand.*** That’s what I thought.

3. Sunscreen was something I never used to consider because the chance of getting a burn seemed more safe than the thought sun baking a lotion loaded with chemicals into my skin. It wasn’t until I got a Coola Suncare sample from Birchbox that I decided to give sunscreen a second chance. This ‘farm to face’ moisturizing sunscreen is made with certified organic botanical ingredients that moisurize the skin without leaving a greasy issue. And it smells of fresh juicy mango, which any tropical scent instantly sends me into an island daydream – so, yeah, I’m hooked. And so is this fine human.


4. A STATEMENT PIECE – a necklace is always my go to for a poolside #ootd. Accents the decolletage and adds a pop of shimmer to any outfit.

5. An Instax Mini for all your moments to be captured and last foreva.

6. And of course, a sun hat. I prefer a hat over sunglasses for the pool to prevent the funky face tan lines that sunglasses always seem to cause.


Summer is on it’s last leg. Now is the time to plan for your end of summer pool party! What are your favorite pool side essentials?

Pool Day Playlist:

Hang With Me – Robyn

Chasing Kites – Iamamiwhoami – Love this video!

Leave A Trace – CHVRCHES

Fineshrine – Purity Ring

Lean On – Major Lazer


– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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