Here Am I – A Reflection


Just as pretty much every other human, I’ve spent my entire life creating a self – one that I am proud to have bound to my body. Unless we are studying philosophy, the questions of self don’t enter the mind on a normal basis. Recently, a poem by Anis Moganji influenced me to sit down and think about who Taylor is at this very moment, while taking into account certain moments and thoughts that also happened around this time. Ok, stay with me.


Many of us had that one friend growing up that you looked up to. He or she was very influential to who you were during that period in your life. For me, I adopted some of her mannerisms, copied her style, wanted my hair to always be the same length. We were always twinning because at one point we were identical! We were sisters. And then life happens and you grow up and move away and lose touch.

imageAnd then, BOOM. The universe does its’ thing again. This childhood best friend contacts me and tells me how inspired she is by this blog that I’ve created with my two other buttercup babes! Inspiring anyone is huge for us. That is our main purpose, after all. But to inspire someone that you looked up to for the better part of your childhood…now that’s pretty fucking cool. And in return, her feedback and excitement ignited my inner creativity for this post.

imageNow, back to the discussion of self. Through all of this, I’ve realized this blog is more than a platform for spreading positivity, the adventurous spirit, and healthy habits. It is a reflection of who I am – my style, my thoughts, what makes me happy – my self. And I am so honored and fueled by the fact that someone else can find that a place for inspiration.


imageSo, in support of my friends spark of inspiration and drive to create, we’ve given her the opportunity to write a guest post for our readers! She took it by the reigns and rode off into the sunset. Keep an eye out for her post! We are excited to see what she comes up with!



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– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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