Whitney’s Food Journal: A Quest To Cure Iron Deficiency

It shouldn’t take an unhealthy diagnosis to realize that what you eat matters, but sometimes, that’s the case. I had to learn from my own body how to eat foods that actually help it to function. I have a serious case of Acid Reflux, Hashimoto’s, & the newest discovery: Anemia. For the past two weeks I have had a consistent headache and have just felt exhausted like I never have before. So, I will be sharing with you my quest to make up for this iron deficiency by paying close attention to my daily food intake.

A meal is not about leisurely filling a time slot (ok, sometimes it is), but it’s about fueling your body! Slowing down to listen to your body can make a world of difference in your overall well-being. Diets don’t work; lifestyles do. It’s not about dropping twenty pounds in two weeks. It’s about physically feeling GREAT 24/7. It’s so empowering to feel energized and happy as opposed to lethargic and guilty. If you don’t already, try documenting everything you eat for a week. Document how it makes you feel afterward. Good? Crappy? Full? The good kind of full or the ‘I’m not moving off of this couch’ full? Check out the changes in your complexion. Write down any changes that you notice – good or bad – and share with us! Tag us on instagram @pureupbuttercup or tag us on Facebook! We would love to hear from you. We can learn so much from each other!

My Food journal for 3/25. I will report back on my health state in a week. 🙂

  • I am drinking A LOT of water. Not over hydrating, but I am definitely getting in my 8 glasses for the day. Ahhhhh, agua, my dear friend, please drown away this mean headache.
  • Somedays I need coffee, but I am trying to not drink it as much because it makes me feel like my nerves are shot and that’s no fun. So, on the days when i’m battling to keep my eyes open, I have been making a matcha latte with this powder mixture that I got from M Street Coffee. I mix 1 teaspoon with every 4 ounces of almond milk (use whichever milk you’d like). Mmmm delicioso!


  • I have b-complex in liquid form from Pressed Juicery. B- complex helps to turn your food into fuel and keep you energized. Intake of B-12 is essential to battle anemia.
  • Many will argue against this, but I’m taking an “iron supplement” via Flintstone vitamin w/ iron. I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to vitamins and I tend to feel nauseas if I take anything too heavy. Yes, there are artificial ingredients in Flintstone vitamins. However, many doctors prescribe these to anemic patients (2 a day) so that they won’t overdose on Iron (easy to do).


  • I like to eat a heavier breakfast, but not greasy. Just something that will fill my stomach. It’s usually oatmeal or granola cereal with delicious, hearty additions. I really like these Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal packages on the days when I am in a hurry. Today I am having the Coconut Maple Vanilla & I am sprinkling some chia seeds on top. PS- If you’re not adding chia seeds into your diet you are missing out on TONS of benefits! Great source of Iron (hooray), protein, antioxidant, normalizing blood sugar, digestion, etc. etc. etc. There are a lot on innovative ways to incorporate them into your diet as well! Don’t worry, I’ll share. 🙂
  • Everyday I go to Pressed Juicery (local cold pressed juices) and get a Greens 3 Juice for lunch. My Acid Reflux makes it uncomfortable to eat a big lunch so this is my favorite “go to”. I get all of the nutrition I need and I can still breathe when I finish it! Woohoo! Sometimes I will eat a granola bar with it is as well. Today, I ate some good ol’ Rold Gold pretzels with it.


  • Around 3:30 my tummy started growling. I can’t leave the office at my leisure and I had no snacks with me. So, I looked in the kitchen and found a Nature Valley Trail Mix Bar. Not the best or worst thing, but it will do. NOTE: I headed to the grocery store and got some snacks to avoid this happening again. Dried Apricots or peaches, almonds, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, cranberries, sunflower seeds, greek yogurt, etc. are great snack options! Have fun with it and try and keep it natural. The less processing it went through at some huge factory, the better it is!
  • Trevor & I decided to go to Lemonade for dinner. Which is an affordable, healthy option! I got a Kale/Mushroom/Lemon side (Kale is very rich in iron), Mushroom Risotto (redundant, I know), & Citrus Poached Salmon. It was delicious and exactly what I was craving without having to do any work or fork over a lot of cash!

imageI shall report back in a week with any changes I have noticed! In the meantime, send us your food journals, photos, food tips, etc.! We’d love to hear from you! ❤

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.


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