Find Peace in Life’s Coincidences


Days off. What is better than a day off when you feel like work is taking up all your playtime? Answer: nothing. My free day last Friday was unexpectedly rejuvenating.


It started off with breakfast at Phoenix Public Market with my sister, Kylee. I love taking her to places she has never been to before and showing her how to make boobs out of heart latte art. Plus, the more I explore the city of Phoenix, the more this place grows on me. Because, come a month or two from now, this place is going to feel like the inside of a hair dryer, once again.

As we were waiting for our food, I noticed two things:

1. The photos exhibited on the wall. Instantly, I knew whose they were — they were taken by my friend Olivia Girard, who I first met in a sculpture class a few years ago. Her work is mysterious, soft and dreamy. The encounter was almost like running into a friend you haven’t seen for a while. It excites me to know my girl is killing it! See more of her photogravure work here.




2. The newest spring scented candle by Standard Wax — a local candle company created by my two friends Andrew King and Samantha Thompson. They are two of the most colorful people that I’ve ever met and are always spreading good vibes and happiness whenever I see them together. (Even though I recently had a dream that I murdered Andrew, I swear this is true). Head over to their website for more of their story! Oh, and buy a candle while you’re at it.



After adventuring downtown, Kylee had to get back home, but I still had half of the day ahead of me to fill with more goodness. So I decided to take a quick little hike up Papago Mountain with nothing but a blanket and a book in my backpack. I carefully scaled the red rock formation in worn out Chucks and a mini dress until I found a secluded nook that was meant only for me.


A few years ago I read about 3 chapters of the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, but reading at my leisure while I was in school was always really hard for me to find time for. So it has since remained on my book shelf gathering dust along with all the other books I’ve thrifted and promised myself I would read. Sticking out like a sore thumb from all the others, it seemed like a clear sign to pick it up again.


The first chapter had me feeling all sorts of sparks and butterflies. I was almost in disbelief at how relatable the words were to the experiences I had just hours before, along with the feelings that I felt watching all sorts of life take place below me. It felt nothing but natural to find peace in the view and in the smells, and in the way the wind whirled around where I was in that moment.


Without going too in depth of what the book is all about, the story follows the adventure of a man who goes to Peru to learn more about an ancient manuscript, that is dangerous to even speak of, that holds a number of insights that are said to happen one by one to our culture. Each insight (there are I think nine within this book) is said to cause a spiritual shift within the people on Earth. The massive shift will lead humans to become conscious, as one united culture, of the mysterious processes that underly life on this planet. The awareness will lead us to realize there is more to life than we know — more that we are able to experience during our time here.


Ok, so I bet at this point you’re asking yourself how this was so relatable to my day. Well, here’s why: in life, we share our time and build relationships with those that enter our routine during any point in the timeline of our existence. We may never know why certain people become one of the countless pieces in life’s game, but it’s important to be thankful for those friendships and understand that you are a piece in theirs as well. On all ends of the spectrum, be conscious of the coincidences of life. This awakening of the mind could be critical in answering what it means to find ourselves alive here.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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