Honor Yourself


Life can move so fast sometimes. It’s important for us to take time for ourselves to unwind, unload and just be. Whether it’s waking up earlier before work for an extra 20 minutes of quiet, morning sun light beaming through your window; or lighting up some candles and your favorite incense before sliding into a hot bath to end your day. We need to honor ourselves.


Lately, I have been going for walks. No – it didn’t start by my own free will, but we all need a little push here and there to get ourselves moving.


For the past three weeks, my boyfriend & I have been dog/house sitting for our friends we met here in Guam. They live only a few minutes from our place, and their house is located right alongside a beautiful golf course. After hours, it has become my sanctuary for sanity.


Surrounding the rolling green hills live an array of different trees, flowers and other beautiful natural structures as well as a stream that lies in the heart of this temporary paradise I have become quite fond of. My walks began as simply a task to check off my daily ‘To Do List’; to give the dog (Figment) a sense of adventure in her day. What it has become is so much more.


The first thing I do when I walk outside is just listen. The soundtrack of nature’s volume is raised and it’s like everything around me is talking, communicating with one another.


From the trees to the tall grass, to the trickle of the stream as it passes over stones downhill, and the wind that makes it all come to life. I soak it all in. After a long day of work, the breeze revives me. I feel radiant, as if white light is beaming from my skin, giving off nothing but positive energy.


The wind moves through my hair, caresses my cheek and gives me such a sense of ease in my soul. As I walk I hear the grass crunch beneath my feet, the tapping of the palm tree leaves against one another and the faint whistle of the tall grass beside me. The air is cooling to my body.


As I continue on, so does the descent of the sun. The horizon turns blue-grey with patches of fading, yet vibrant peach tones & the stars begin to freckle the sky. I take a seat and soak it all in. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with such gratitude for my existence in that moment. I know there is no other place I would rather be than right there, under that majestic sky, on this island in the middle of the ocean. I guess it’s true.. sometimes you really do have to get lost in order to find yourself again.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Kerri.


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