Movement in Meditation

Hula hoop dancing

Hula hoop dance

It’s hard to find the most fitting words to describe my love and appreciation for hula hooping. Most words don’t even seem worthy of the task. It has really become such a special part of my life over these past few years. In times of boredom, it brings me life and rhythm. In times of madness, it gives me ease and peace of mind. Hooping has also given me a different perspective on music. To almost become part of a song by moving to it’s rhythm and beat as it comes, is such a unique way to connect with music. It keeps you feeling and moving in the moment. When I am dancing inside of my hoop, everything around me just fades away. I feel completely centered, and in such a meditative like state. The movement inside of a hoop is so pure and organic, it feels so natural.

DIY hula hoop

DIY hula hoop

Not only is it a great way to express yourself, but hooping is a great workout too. When you’re dancing inside your hoop, you are getting your cardio in for the day, and it doesn’t even feel like hard work because it is so enjoyable. I can get lost daydreaming, spinning and dancing for hours. Sometimes I can just hoop with mother nature as my soundtrack, and other times I rely on my playlist of songs that I enjoy moving along to the most. That’s the greatest thing about hooping.. anything goes! It’s all about expressing how you feel, being in the moment and honoring yourself. Here’s a few songs on my Hoop Playlist that I highly encourage others to move along to:

Hula hoop dancing

Hula hoop dancing on beach

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Kerri.


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