I grow pretty little things

The love of gardening is a seed

once sown that never dies.

– Gertrude Jekyll

Basil plant silhouette

Succulent plant

About 5 months ago, my boyfriend and I started our first urban garden. It started as a spontaneous project that we both put little research and thought into. We knew we had some extra space in the yard, a little extra time, and some cash to drop to start the process. Little did we know, the garden has turned into something that not only nurtures the body, but also the mind and spirit.

Girl watering garden

Plants sprouting out of pot

Mint plant flourishing

At times, the learning process has been stressful (plants dying, pests eating up the leaves, frost/freezing temperatures, mushrooms from moisture, curious dogs, mysterious disappearances). But with these circumstances aside, planting and caring for the garden has become something that I look forward to doing every day. Every morning, I spend about 20 minutes outside with our plants. I give them water, examine their growth, move them into the sun if needed, pull weeds, rake up fallen leaves, etc. Escaping into a natural environment that was created with our hands is a refreshing way to remember and appreciate how extraordinary life truly is.

Spider on sprouting plant

Tomato plant flowering

Maintaining the garden is a constant reminder of purpose and responsibility, which makes it the perfect start to every morning. It gives me time to clear my mind for the day ahead of me. Plus, we have so much fun watching the plants grow and flourish from just a little seed! Every morning, one of us is calling for the other to come look at something that literally grew over night. We are always on a scavenger hunt for the newest happening.

Sun wind chime

Girl reading in outdoor green space

I highly encourage starting an outdoor garden of some sort. Horticultural therapy is real. Nothing is a better start to my day than a little Vitamin D, fresh air, some serenading from the local songbirds, and being outside with my garden. I promise you, it is so nourishing.

Outdoor urban garden

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– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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