Break the Monotony

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“Where’s the passion gone in our hearts?

Lost somewhere in the grind

It’s time to bring it back

It’s time to unwind

Find what we lost 

It’s time 

It’s time to bring it back”

-The Bouncing Souls

California lifestyle blog

I am forever trying to hang onto the child in me. Always trying to keep that hunger for adventure and play. However, just like most people, I had to join the “real world” recently. I started my first full-time job last year and it’s been a weird adjustment for my brain and spirit. I’m finally beginning the occupational journey that I have worked so hard for, but it’s left me with less time and energy to fill the spontaneous and creative compartments of myself. It’s so easy to fall into this monotonous routine. After a while, I just start to feel like a tired zombie. So, this week, I decided to break the cycle. I asked a friend of mine/co-worker, Molly, if she wanted to go on a hike/adventure one morning. Of course, her athletic, positive, adventurous self agreed! Woo hoo!

California lifestyle blog

Conveniently, we both live in Hollywood. We wanted a fairly easy exploration since we’d be headed to work immediately after. So, we decided to take this opportunity to explore The Old Zoo at Griffith Park. This is a place I have wanted to explore for a while now, but just hadn’t done so yet. However, today was my opportunity and I am so glad that I took advantage of it! The only negative thing I had ever heard about the place was that there are too many people there. Well, go at 6 AM on a weekday and problem solved! We were the only two people there for the entire duration of our adventure and it was everything I had hoped for.

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This is such a unique treasure of LA. A place in history left for people to explore. I, for one, think it’s pretty cool that there are no employees or security running it. It’s just there. It’s a lot of old enclosures, staircases, and buildings decorated with graffiti of all sorts and broken bottles. Classic LA. 😉 Really though, it’s a very interesting place. I loved crawling through the tiny doors with anticipation of where it would lead to next. I couldn’t help but imagine the animals and what their life was like in these spaces. It was eerie, thought-provoking, and quite the playground for a big kid like myself. 

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It was exactly the medicine that I needed. I will definitely be making a habit of waking up earlier and feeding that spontaneous compartment of my spirit, because frankly, I need it. My day was just so much more fulfilling since I made it my own. Even with a full-time job, you can make time for yourself, and you’ll more than likely be surprised by the fact that you have MORE energy! As cliche as it sounds, guys, life is truly what you make it! Don’t feel like a slave to anything. And whatever you do, don’t drown out that child-like, wild energy — embrace it and hold onto it for dear life!


My Energizing Morning Tunes:

For All The Unheard – The Bouncing Souls

Here’s Your Letter – Blink-182

Peace of Mind – Boston

Young Turks – Rod Stewart

All Those Friendly People – The Funeral Suits

California lifestyle blog


California lifestyle blog

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.


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