Aquamarine Energy Catcher

DIY energy catcher

The other day, the sensation to research my birthstone came over me. I wanted to see what people were saying regarding the benefits of surrounding yourself with the power of the mineral itself. Because ancient lore and legends have always fascinated me, I decided to start there.

DIY energy catcher

DIY energy catcher

Aquamarine was originally called the “water of the sea.” It was believed to be the treasure of mermaids and was used for good luck, fearlessness and protection for those traveling by sea. If a genie gave me three wishes, one of them would be to be a mermaid, so this struck a cord and I continued to read.

DIY energy catcher

Aquamarine is a form of water energy. It embodies the energy of stillness, purification, discovery, and assures the balance of energy in life. It is encouraged to use aquamarine in the practice of meditation as it promotes inner harmony, peace through spiritual awakening, and provides an energy that brings us to center.

DIY energy catcher

Incredibly inspired by all the beautiful things I didn’t know about my birthstone, I decided to make an Energy Catcher. I know what all my friends will be receiving as birthday gifts this year. Email us at if you’re interested in one, with your stone of choice, for your home or for a friend!

DIY energy catcher

Antique jewelry box

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


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