The Power of Meditation

Meditation lifestyle blogDriving in Los Angeles is enough to tempt one to never leave the house again. Although I try my absolute best to remain positive, it’s just really hard to not let an “f bomb” fly when someone cuts you off with a sadistic smile on their face and a selective finger in the air. Add on about five more similar occurrences simultaneously and it feels nearly impossible to repel all of this negativity being thrown at you.

With that said,  it is absolutely necessary to take time every single day to recalibrate yourself.  Get in touch with the light you wish to shine to the outside world. Gain control of the calmness you wish to maintain within. Your positivity “force field” can be strong enough to even battle the worst of days. It’s all a matter of practice. 

Meditation lifestyle blog

Meditation is something that I am relatively new to. I hadn’t really done thorough research to truly learn the process and its benefits before. I have learned to control my breathing and I have a lavender oil inhaler that eases stress temporarily, but it wasn’t enough for my overall well being. I just felt like a giant ball of negativity.

So, I set out to demystify the practice of meditation. What are my chakras? Where are they located? How do I align them? How am I ever going to turn my brain off? How is that even going to help me? etc. etc. etc. Here are the most important things that I learned that really gave me the kickstart to begin this amazing, incredibly rewarding journey:

Meditation lifestyle blog

  1. Meditation will not only improve your overall well-being, but your entire world. Having freedom from negative charges will gain you patience to be aware of what you put into the world, thus, how people react around you. 
  2. Just like anything else, there are different variations of meditation- do not let that be overwhelming! It’s all about experimenting and finding which style works best for you at what times. Learn its origin and how it’s evolved into our culture. That way, you are truly respecting and understanding the practice. (I found a small book called the Perfection of Yoga that I found very interesting and poetic with laying down the core values.)
  3. This is your time to stop the world around you and focus your spirit on what truly matters: Being 100% intact and relaxed, one section of your body at a time. Shutting off all other thoughts and just focus on your breathing and feeling whole.
  4. It only takes 10 minutes every day; however, you can aim to work up to 20-30 minutes.

Meditation lifestyle blog

Meditation lifestyle blogSo, that is all of the info I needed to feel comfortable enough to begin. Here’s something of what my process is like: 

  1. Comfortable, calm setting. I turn the lights off, light incense, sit on my yoga mat, and put on some instrumental music.
  2. Find a comfortable position to sit in, always keeping an open heart and elevated posture. I begin to focus on my breathing and continue to do so. 
  3. As I exhale, I focus on my body. Relaxing and aligning each section at a time to fall into a deeper state of relaxation. 
  4. When I am finished, I say my thanks for all of the beautiful things in my life. I focus my spirit on the person I want to be. The person I intend to be that day. The person I intend to be every day. I pray for the strength to maintain positivity and to be a light in this world. I pray for the strength to withstand whatever is thrown at me. I pray for the strength to be a person of positive change. (You can pray to whatever higher power you believe in, which can even be your own inner strength.

If you wish to make a positive impact on this world, it starts from within. Keep learning. It’s all about the journey. Your peace is worth it.


“Don’t waste your hate, rather gather and create.

Be of service, be a sensible person,

Use your words, and don’t be nervous.

You can do this, you’ve got purpose,

Find your medicine and use it.”

– Nahko & Medicine For the People

Meditation lifestyle blog– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.


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