Beet Lip Stain – Experiment In Progress

For those of you that know me, I was on an uncontrollable beet kick for a while. If you wanted to know any sort of fact on them, I was your girl. One thing about beets that most of us know, and have probably found out the hard way, is that they stain…very easily.

But for me, I saw this as a fun benefit, rather than an annoying misfortune. Their color is so gorgeously vibrant that I had to try making my own lip stain. The recipe I tried didn’t work to my liking but the color was definitely a success.


The recipe I tried called for making a simple syrup with the beet juice (equal parts beet juice and sugar, boiled and simmered until a syrup). Then it said to mix the syrup with vegetable glycerol and coconut oil but instead of mixing together, it stayed separate as would oil with water. I will be experimenting more until I get it right. Stay tuned. Until then, MAC Diva will have to do.


– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, from Taylor.


2 responses to “Beet Lip Stain – Experiment In Progress

  1. What a beautiful color on you! It contrasts very nicely with your dark hair and simple makeup. You did one of my favorite makeup tricks where you highlight one part of your face as opposed to trying to make everything stand out. I’ll have to try this trick later!


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