The Medicine of Home

georgia1Traveling always puts things into perspective. It’s easy to fall victim of routines that can be detrimental to our spirit. We forget to take a look around and see the beauty surrounding us. Forget to thoroughly appreciate the beings in our lives because we focus on petty things that routines consist of. But all it takes is new scenery to awaken those senses again. To awaken the appreciation of all that surrounds us. To remember what a blessing life can be.

geogria2With that said, a trip to the place you once called “home” in your childhood, awakens a whole other level of appreciation for your roots and your present. Fort Mountain State Park in northwest Georgia has hosted many memories for me in my lifetime. Memories of every season. Memories with family. Memories with friends. Memories by myself.  Every time I walk these trails, all of the clutter just disappears and I become fully present. I’m in awe of the beauty around me. My spirit becomes calm. It’s quite the contrast to that of walking the streets of Los Angeles. It’s the medicine I needed. My soul was aching for it. Too much man-made surroundings and hustle and bustle can dull one’s spirit.

georgia3It is so very important to spend time in quiet nature and appreciate all that the Earth has to give. All that has not been corrupt by man. Back to basics. Because that is where your soul lies. After this spiritual awakening, you can return to your “routine” life and break the habits that are not conducive to happiness and peace. Use this newfound calmness and rejuvenate your daily life.


– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Whitney.


One response to “The Medicine of Home

  1. Awesome post. I enjoy your “guest posts” that are mostly about travel from a first person point of view. Travel is what gets me excited and inspires me and makes me realize the beauty that life is. You’re right, it is SO easy to get caught up with petty aspects of routines. It is important to not fall victim of routines!


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