We Are All Vibrations

When people ask me what I do in school, it’s so hard for me to answer that question in clarity. In December of this year, I will be receiving a BFA in Intermedia Art, with a focus on video art specifically. Now, what does that mean? Intermedia is a world that I feel honored to be apart of. Intermedia is considered conceptual based Art, rather than form based art (painting, drawing, etc.) And Video Art falls into this category. This medium is meant to be seen in the visual art world and many artists practicing in this form and style of expression are challenged to differentiate their work from commercial cinema amateurs. Need some examples? Here are some of my favorites: Chris Burden, Pipilotti Rist, Juan Downey, Marina Abromovic.

I recently just finished my Senior Exhibition, which is my big final BANG as a student at ASU. The show was called ID•ea•tion. The definition of ideation is “the creative process of forming mental images of things that either are not physically present or have never been conceived or created by others.”

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The video that I exhibited explores how everything in the universe is energy. Everything around us and within us connects us to the universe. Every single piece of matter vibrates at a certain measurable frequency. The universe picks up these frequencies and manifests them into form. Once a person realizes he or she is more than just a body, is when the individual is empowered to consciously control this universal energy. It is then that existing happens. Take from it what you will. Press play.

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


One response to “We Are All Vibrations

  1. It is an very impressive video. Very powerful details and inspiration. I like the word “vibration” to describe the interaction by people. We are communicating through different kinds of collision and vibration.


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