The Unique World of Naked Vino

The trend of eating organically and staying away from genetically modified foods gets more and more attention every year. So many people are starting to actually stop by the organic section in their local grocery store, while others choose to buy their groceries entirely from the nearest Whole Foods, Trader Joes or farmers market. But with that food, you need a nice alcoholic beverage, of course. Whether it is a mixed drink, beer, or (my preference) a glass of wine, not many people are thinking of “drinking” ingredients that are organically grown and made.

corksFor the past three years, I have had the privilege of working closely with Jay and Christine Wisniewski, owners of the original Caffe Boa on Mill Avenue in Tempe, AZ. The dynamic duo willingly shares their knowledge on ‘naked’ wine with those hungry to learn about the beverage our ancestors created and have been drinking for thousands of years.

Just like all mass produced products, when quantity becomes priority, product quality is jeopardized. When shopping for wine now, I look for the bottles that are created by independent makers. I want to drink the wine that is made with the grapes picked by the hand of the maker. I want to drink from the bottles that contain zero chemical addition to preserve or create and enhance flavor. And I can keep explaining the wine I want to drink BUT I got the chance to direct, shoot, edit and produce two short documentaries on the wonderful world of natural wine. So instead of confessing my love for this trend in words for you to read, press play and enjoy.

– – Vino Wiz is an introduction to natural wine and a short educational exploration into a world that, only recently, has become a major trend internationally. Jay and Christine Wisniewski, owners of Caffe Boa on Mill Avenue in Tempe, AZ, have a unique passion and knowledge that opens our eyes to a wine movement that deserves much appreciation. – –

– – It’s Not Wine, It’s Energy Juice is an introduction to the art of natural wine making in the modern world. The documentary highlights the beliefs and techniques of Uros Rojac, a natural winemaker coming from the small village of Gazon on the Istrian peninsula in Slovenia. The vintner’s idea of traditional and honest winemaking is supported by the conviction of a natural wine representative, Garrison Howard, from Phoenix, AZ, who represents strictly independent and natural wineries from all around the world. – –

– Naturally inspired. Locally aware. Universally beautiful. With love, Taylor.


3 responses to “The Unique World of Naked Vino

  1. I never have been one for wine. I will drink it but I don’t have a taste for it and I don’t know hardly anything about it, but after your documentaries I feel more inclined to look closer at what wine I do drink. They were well put together and interesting. I love Caffe Boa also but never knew they were so pro natural. It makes me wanna go there more often.


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